Water Loss Policies Are Changing Rapidly!

The majority of State EPDs (Plus the US-EPA) have now either compelled their area water utilities to begin implementing the AWWA/IWA water audit methodology, or will be doing so in the very near future. It's as if "the panic button" has been pushed, and thousands of utilities across the USA are seeking information. "Experts are coming out of the woodwork" because they've either read the manual, or obtained the AWWA/IWA spreadsheet.

Know this: Although it's an invaluable tool, the Water Audit is not the answer, nor the solution to reducing your water  losses. It's merely a picture of your situation that, if performed regularly, will lead you in the right direction by exposing those components of your audit that require attention.

The initial "top-down" water audit is a very easy process to complete. It's not a big deal! We've been doing it on-line since 2003 …. FOR FREE! Preview AuditKeeper by computing a trial Water Audit!

There's also a Free Water Audit spreadsheet available from the AWWA website.

However, it's the "bottom up" data collection process - meter and billing management, leak detection and monthly "water use" records management - that will provide the direction for your water loss recovery efforts.

Recognizing the impact a more thorough version of the Water Audit Balance process would have on this industry, we've announced AuditKeeper™. Our intention is to perform the Water Audit Balance per the AWWA/IWA methodology, but collect data with a monthly report, and selecting any 12 month period for a trial audit. All the while maintaining the records management for the "variables" portion of the audit, and by category. Plus, we'll be coaching our clients through the "bottom up" process of data collection to improve your audit's validity score, and for some, perform on-site services, such as leak detection.

There's more to AuditKeeper™ than just the Water Audit Balance.

As a client, you have the ability to view trends, changes and a "trial" audit for any 12 month range.

Users you select can logon and enter usage data.

Managers can follow-up, run analytics and make decisions instantly.

Plus, AuditKeeper™ will provide answers to …...

What are the 3 pieces to the water loss puzzle?
Which is the most difficult to reconcile component of the audit process?
Is your ILI high, low, average? (What's ILI?)
Is your loss due to Meters? Leakage? Neither? Both?
Is the solution cost justifiable?

Do You Know What To Do Next?

We Do!

We're Leakage Consultants, and our experience comes from working with over 400 utilities on water loss control projects over the years. We believe it's time for you to take the next step forward to understanding and recovering your water loss, and encourage you to learn more about the AuditKeeper™ system and what it can do for you.

Begin now by sampling AuditKeeper™ to compute your U.A.R.L., ILI and a few other important pieces of information, and let us help you to gain control of your water losses.

Don't Put This OFF! It's FREE!


Bud Reed

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